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abuse, self
2002-05-15 - 1:10 a.m.

I have been eating excessively in the evenings, not-coincidentally around the same time that I am trying to do my work. I think it is more stressful than I realise. I wonder if I should look for some other means of stress-management, or let myself get fat. Anything else is going to be as bad or worse. For example, smoking. I smoked during the honours thesis. It's expensive, dirty, smelly, very very unhealthy, and I have to keep it a secret from everyone around me. Or alcohol. Hullo brain damage and ruined life. Maybe there is a healthy way to manage stress. Yoga? Meditation? Hmm. Sounds like hard work.


My hero-worship of Bruce Springsteen has grown to insane proportions. It's a bit of a worry, really. I bought a DVD of his music videos through the years yesterday and, boy, some of that stuff from the eighties is really embarassing! What was really interesting was discovering that some of those self-same embarassing clips were directed by such luminaries as Brian de Palma and John Sayles! That's what being a really big rock star will do for you, I guess.


"Roll over Beethoven

And tell Tchaikovsky the news" - Chuck Berry

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