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it's cold
2002-05-22 - 2:08 a.m.

The cold weather is generally annoying. My bike rides are considerably less pleasant and require gloves. My hands get tired quickly when I play the guitar, and feel stiff. My wrist (which I broke some time ago) feels sore intermittently. However, there is an upside. My mosquito net, gone at last! Hooray!


Today was a productive day. Except, I have started trying to get into programming again, and have come to the realisation that I'm not going to be able to do it, I mean, I'm not going to really pursue it, because it makes my brain tired. I can't... I can do different things, but overlapping things. Cycling tires my lungs, music tires my hands, academic stuff tires my brain. They're a good combination, for my happiness, I mean, they fit together. But there's no place in there for computer programming. Oh well. I'm probably enough of a geek already. :(


"Too much monkey business

For me to be involved in" - Chuck Berry

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