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2002-05-22 - 9:47 p.m.

Here's a game you can play on the internet. First, figure out how many combinations of three letters there are in english. (That is, everything in the set that goes [aaa, aab, aac ... zzx, zzy, zzz). My calculations could easily be wrong, but I think it's 17,576. Ok. Keeping that in mind, try typing into your browser www.___.com, where ___ is a random set of three letters. Just keep doing it until you get a combination that doesn't turn up a webpage.


Here's a variation on the same game. Pick a letter at random. Say I pick "z". Now visit www.z.com, www.zz.com, www.zzz.com, www.zzzz.com, and so on... all four of those are valid web adresses, by the way. See how far you have to go to hit an invalid web address.


Yes, there is too much time on my hands, except there shouldn't be, because I should be working on an essay that I need to be able to discuss tomorrow. I'm a procrastinator alright, no doubts there.


"Oh who will remember

Oh who will be sure

And still feel the silence

As close as before?" - Richard Thompson

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