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alpine fresh
2002-07-21 - 1:01 p.m.

I have been using food and computer games as drugs for some time now. I thought that giving up cigarettes and marijuana and binge-drinking would be the end, but, no. There is no end. Whatever makes me want to switch off from life cannot itself be switched off. But I don't know how I can actually... get away from becoming what these addictions make me. Maybe it's a matter of accepting that person, allowing them to be part of me without needing to fight for total domination... because the flip side is, of course, when you fail to acheive total domination you get total submission.


I've started reading a book about Serres, a series of interviews of him by Bruno Latour, actually, and in part it's inspiring, but also I have to admit it makes me jealous. I will never be able to write as he does, and... well. I suppose I will never be Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen or Leonard Cohen or Richard Thompson either. I'm used to feeling this mixture of jealousy and admiration. Usually it's for musicians; it's quite rare for me to feel this way about a philosopher. I guess I read philosophy in quite a different way to the way I listen to music.


"Please don't say, no no no

Don't say that I told you so

I just heard a rumour from a friend" - Buddy Holly

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