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2002-08-23 - 9:19 p.m.

Today was quite magical, really. Some parts of this place are very beautiful. It's kind of ironic that I should discover some of that beauty in the process of doing things that I need to do in order to leave, isn't it? Actually, today was also the first day that I've been genuinely enthusiastic about my new place in the mountains. In the past I've always thought about moving in negative terms, that is, about how much I've hated what I'm moving away from. But if what I've heard is true, then the place that I'm moving to has a real community, some real life... the trouble with the beauty of this place, where I live now, is that nobody sees it. We're all too used to taking good things for granted. When I'm caught on one of life's jagged edges, I often fantasize about a life that would all be just one long easy dream of pleasure... but the truth is that we need those jagged edges, those surprising falls that jolt our knees and bark our hands... who wants to live life all in bed? People stay in bed when they don't want to live. This new adventure... well, I don't know exactly what it will mean, yet. I'm sure you'll get to hear about it. :)


Because I'll actually need my own internet connection up there. Which I hope won't turn me into a net-addict, but it might. Ah, life's possibilities...


"I'm not what I should be" - Belle and Sebastian

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