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in short
2002-10-06 - 3:31 p.m.

Um. My writing is going badly again.


I love this diary, writing in it I mean, because I can just write stuff and then sort of leave it here, you know, and if it's boring you can just skim-read it, and if it's interesting then I might get a little comment from time to time, or whatever. I mean, that's all there is, you know? Whereas, with my other writing, everything gets written and rewritten and rewritten in search of some kind of acceptable state of being "finished" or "ready" or somesuch. And sometime the rewriting is good because I can feel the hidden potential in something coming through... but other times it feels like I've just got a great big piece of cloth and I'm cutting it and sewing bits together more or less at random, and I've kind of got this mad canvas in my hands and my efforts to put it together in the "right" way are just making it fall apart...


"Dig a little deeper into yourself" - The Beautiful South

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