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coke wars 2
2002-10-23 - 8:02 p.m.

The votes are in!


Please take note that some votes were ambiguous, and in these cases I have made a summary and final judgement on what they were for. For example, ranul said, "It's shit". The "it" isn't identified; however, I have taken it upon myself to guess that the "it" in this case is regular coke, hence I'm counting ranul's vote as a pro-vanilla coke vote. Take note of the words "summary" and "final"; I don't care if you've been misinterpreted, all I care about it winning, even if people do suspect the vote is rigged.


So, votes in favour of vanilla coke:

siopup, forestdream, cista, ayami, ranul, eve-elle, kate-nz, soap-box, euporically, discotheque, damodred.

Votes in favour of regular coke:

the1stnoelle, mechanica, starlight99, oedalis, moonshine76


That's a win for Vanilla Coke by a margin of 11 to 5.


I was stalked today. Well, not really, but I got on the bus and someone I can't stand was sitting about midway toward the back, and I was scared they'd see me so I sat down right at the front, hoping they wouldn't notice me. I got off early, and then as I was walking away I saw in the angled glass of a shopfront they were following me! Very scary. I ducked into a shopping centre and went into the toilets and stayed there trying to get my equilibrium back... I was looking over my shoulder until I got on the train home. Man, I still can't believe he actually *followed* me!


"She was

An American girl" - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

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