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electric blue
2002-12-06 - 6:40 p.m.

Fires have cut out electricity in my part of town. So I have gone down to the big smoke to stay with my folks. Why?

Because life without electricity is REALLY FUCKING BORING!


My GOD!! What did people do before the internet? I guess they might have interacted socially with one another to pass the time, but I bet all the time they were thinking, "Christ this is dull, when is someone going to invent the Web?"


Actually, it was ok for a bit. Candlelight, books, playing the guitar, being forced to work and so on. But, I now realise I am totally addicted to electrically powered stimulation. Internet, computer games, tv, or at the very least my CD player... I *need* them! There's only so much making your own fun a body can stand...


"The other one was me

And I'm a boy" - The Who

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