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2003-01-06 - 1:52 a.m.

I wrote some stuff, for my work, today about forgiveness, but I'm not going to put that soppy stuff in here. Why?


Because I'M ANGRY! I'VE HAD IT!!!


My frustrations have boiled over. I just can't take it, two things, two things are making me angry:

1. There's going to be a war against Iraq. Thousands of dark-skinned people who don't speak english are going to die so that light-skinned people who do speak english can get cheap petrol for their cars, which would be a lot more energy efficient if it weren't so important to have a vehicle that "makes a statement about who you are."

2. People die from heroin overdoses because it is illegal to buy heroin. The law could be changed and the people would stop dying, but it won't be because the public are STUPID and IGNORANT which is also the reason there's going to be a war in Iraq...


The thing is, it's not really stupidity and ignorance that makes the world fuck up. It's arrogance and egotism, and of course I have these things in spades, just like everyone else, except for a few very special individuals who are humble and selfless. But I like to pick on stupidity and ignorance because I am intelligent and well informed.


I've only worked myself into this twist because I stupidly allowed myself to get involved in a message-board debate about drug control. Somebody said that while they used to be a pot smoker, they were reformed now, and now they would vote down any politician who wanted to decriminalise marijuana. This got my blood boiling and I said, so you believe you deserve to have a criminal record? But, anyway...


I wish I could just wish to be a certain kind of person, and that would make me become that person. No, actually, scratch that, I don't. It's probably better to be the me that I am than the me that I'd like to be, because me as I am is real. I am real. No matter how hard I try to be unreal, I remain real.


"Some men drive out to the edges of nothing

So they can look down into the abyss

Some men avoid love like it's a plague or something

So they can leave the seat down when they piss" - John Hiatt

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