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2003-01-11 - 1:40 p.m.

It's weird. Before last night it had been a long time - months, at least, since I last cried. Then last night I was reading "The Honorary Consul" by Graham Greene and it started me thinking about things that made me cry and I wrote heaps of stuff, but on paper, and right now I'm too lazy to type it up and put it here.


But anyway, today I was watching Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" and I seriously cried at the end, when Beast was lying there dead and Belle was lying over him in tears. What's happenning to me? I wish I could always be like this. Today I feel so alive, so attuned... I actually want to do things. Yes, it's shocking, isn't it? Do things! What will become of me?


"I am an animal

My teeth are sharp and my mouth is full" - Pete Townshend

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