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evil drawings
2003-02-07 - 7:49 p.m.

Because of the title of this page, and the fact that I've been talking about drawings, I've been getting hits for "evil drawings". Pretty groovy, huh?


In other exciting news, I had a thought about valentine's day that caused a whole cascade of thoughts which then caused me to decide the original idea blew and abandon the whole scheme.


But the original idea was that, there's nothing worse than watching other people have fun when you're not, right? Hence a few entries in a few diaries that I read by people talking about Valentine's Day as though it were "Satanic Child Sacrifice Day". So I thought, hey, why not volunteer my services as cyber-boyfriend for Valentine's day only? Then anyone who wanted one could have a loser geek cyber-boyfriend (who was openly cheating on them with lots of other women) for the duration of Valentine's day, at the end of which they would be unceremoniously dumped. And then I thought, hey, why not get some male people involved so that they cheating on you part wouldn't apply, and then I thought, why not start a business which would... and then it all seemed like too much hard work.


A lot of my ideas end up in the too-much-hard-work pile, and then I fantasize about what it would be like to have superpowers.


Wouldn't it just be fucking great to have superpowers?


Got Dan Bern's album "Smartie Mine" today. Apparently it's been deleted in the states, so they had to order it from Germany. But now I have it, and it's BRILLIANT!!!! hOORAY!!! I LOVE GOOD MUSIC!!


You know that thing about millions of chimps with typewriters writing Hamlet? If you had a cryptographer to read it, you could get them to type it the first time. It would just be a matter of figuring out which code it was written in.


"A little girl down my block

Was born with silicone in her breasts

Turned out her grandmother and her mother

Had both had implants done

And evolution took care of it this time around

And I wondered what it is about

So many women with big breasts

Makes them look so sad

And I thought, well, maybe it has to do with the weight

The burden they're asked to carry in the world

To feed it, to be the object of its desires

And I wondered what burdens the rest of us are carrying all the time" - Dan Bern

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