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I'm becoming everything I hate
2003-02-10 - 12:37 a.m.

Uh, usually I don't do these things, but I thought maybe I should get the non-event entry off the front of my diary. Not a good look for anyone who might drift in here.


Anyway, I stole this thingo from dependant who stole it from someone else, and so on ad infinitum. It's not really stealing though. Um.


Fifteen years ago I...

1. Lived in London

2. Cried at school a lot

3. Thought that if I believed in elves hard enough I would become one

4. Would secretly stay awake very late reading, terrified of being discovered

5. Loved playing role-playing games more than anything else


Ten years ago I...

1. Told a girl I liked her and she stopped speaking to me

2. Thought that smoking marijuana all the time was a sensible and realistic way to solve one's problems

3. Also thought that I would make a pretty good drug dealer when I grew up

4. Loved the music of 1927, Gloria Estefan, 4 Non-Blondes, Bad English... (and some good stuff too)

5. Got tremendous pleasure from watching my psychotic best friend destroy things for no reason


Five years ago I...

1. Fell out with aforesaid best friend because I no longer felt safe around him

2. Began my degree

3. Found happiness doing menial work in a second-rate cinema

4. Found more happiness on an internet newsgroup dedicated to discussing the works of Leonard Cohen

5. Began to worry that I might be wasting too much time with computer stuff


Two years ago I...

1. Broke up with that girl who had refused to speak with me back in the ten years ago part of this entry

2. Felt so guilty about it that I vowed never to have a relationship again

3. Made some serious efforts to deal with my emotional problems

4. Started my first online diary

5. Used alcohol and cigarettes to get me through the stress of writing a thesis


One year ago I...

1. Was starting to feel very lonely and isolated

2. Embarked on this current thesis with little idea what it was about or if I could do it

3. Moved into a nice comfortable shed

4. Dyed my hair purple

5. Went to another country to visit someone I met on diaryland


Yesterday I...

1. Spent much of the day listening to people fight in Italian as they replaced the downstairs carpet

2. Ummed and ahhed about whether it was better to stay and listen or get away from them

3. Spent much of the day with some lovely friends of mine talking about role-playing games and watching The Bill

4. Listened to "Smartie Mine" a lot

5. Did some writing I was happy with


Today I...

1. Had a banana for breakfast

2. Admired the new carpet

3. Read "The Moor's Last Sigh" on the train

4. Told my sister that she owed me an explanation, and then told her that she owed me two explanations, and then four explanations...

5. Wrote this. :)


Tomorrow I will...

1. Probably sleep in

2. Buy some new guitar strings

3. Tape-record an interview for my thesis

4. Pay the electricity bill

5. Think about stuff


Five products I have brand loyalty to:

1. Uh. I think this is going to be difficult for me. Ok, let's start again.

1. Doritos corn chips

2. Lane's Nachos in a biskit

3. Um. Does Ogg Vorbis count?

4. Uh. Does Bob the Angry Flower count?

5. Hmm. I don't have much brand loyalty, I guess. There's a brand of pasta sauce I usually buy but I can't actually remember what it is.


"I put out a casting call

And you cast a spell" - Dan Bern

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