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deary me
2003-02-18 - 12:08 p.m.

Well, the waifs were pretty good, Ani was better than she's been in years (still nowhere near as good as the first time I saw her, though), and Bob was as bad as I thought he was going to be, but for a different reason.


See, I'd been under the impression that Bob was deliberately obtuse in the way he chose songs to play at his concerts, and so he would play a bunch of obscure songs from his back-catalogue, singing in his now very limited voice, but it would at least be special because, you know, it's Bob, this was my chance to see him live in concert and you know, be able to say to great-nephews and nieces, yes, I have seen the light for myself...

But in fact he played pretty popular selections. Quite a bit from the most recent album, and quite a few popular classics. I counted, I think, two songs that I didn't know, although sometimes it was only hafway through the song that I'd pick up that I knew it, because the version had rendered it somewhat unrecognisable - ie, the version of "One Too Many Mornings" he played.

But my big problem was with the volume. Call me an old-fuddy duddy, but I don't care how great a legend he is, I don't want to have to suffer permanent hearing damage just for the sake of seeing him perform. I made makeshift earplugs out of torn-up receipts from my wallet and stuffed them in my ears and I was just about able to cope, but in the last song, I had to cover my hands with my ears and even then the volume was painful and had me just about in a state of shock.


But, he played a particularly vituperative version of "Masters of War", the political intent of which was unmistakable, so at least for that it was, I think, worth seeing. Oh, and also for the I-can-say-I've-seen-him factor.


Oh, and Ani probably justified the price of the ticket on her own, anyway. She really was very good - I felt disappointed that her set came to an end so quickly.


"But there never seems to be enough time

To do the things you want to do

Once you find them" - Jim Croce

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