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the experiment part two
2003-03-06 - 1:37 a.m.

The experiment, as I like to call it, is going better than I expected it to. It's also over. Um.


Fuck. I am meant to be writing something. It seems as though I am always meant to be writing something. Also I should have gone to bed about forty minutes ago. This also is a regular occurrence. Also, tomorrow I have to do things, which I am scared of, because I should have been preparing for those things today, and I haven't been. Again, part of a pattern.


I went to see Hamlet tonight. It was good. Um. I was struck by the... well, mainly by Hamlet's cruel treatment of Ophelia, which is never really explained, and the nature of Ophelia's madness, which rather than being strangely prescient, as most Shakespearian madness, was just scary and alienating, kind of like madness in real life.


I wonder, why is Hamlet such a prick to Ophelia? And why don't we ever get any decent sort of explanation for it?


"Ophelia, she's 'neath the window

For her I feel so afraid

On her twenty-second birthday

She already is an old maid

To her death is quite romantic

She wears an iron vest

Her profession is her religion

Her sin is her lifelessness" - Bob Dylan


I just came across this. It is, I warn you, rather crass, but it made me laugh uncontrollably in the middle of the night in a house full of sleeping people. Um. Which probably says more about my sense of humour than I want known, but, hell, here it is anyway: Fruit juice.

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