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tomato sauce
2000-03-20 - 4:39 a.m.

My brother and his girlfriend are in the next room watching tv. She pipes up, "Would it be possible to persude you to go downstairs and get the tomato sauce for me?" There's a pause. Someone less polite than my brother would probably say something like, "If you want tomato sauce, why don't you get it? There's no reason why you can't get it for yourself or why it would be easier for me to get it than for you." But there's just a pause. Then she whines, "Would it be possible?" He gets up and a few minutes later has returned from downstairs with the tomato sauce bottle.


I'd probably put up with it myself but I hate to see him putting up with it. I endeavour to be sympathetic to everybody but it's hard to feel sympathy for people who show absolutely no signs of having any sort of sympathy for others themselves.


"He lay on the street holding his leg and screaming something in Spanish

Still breathing when I walked away" - Bruce Springsteen

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