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2003-03-28 - 12:27 p.m.

I feel so tired. I think I am trying too hard to be clever about things that just call for... some sort of response. My second tutorial always goes better than the first one. You know, today after class, I had three students staying back because they were still curious about the class system and wanted to know more. How cool is that? Especially since the class system is about the last thing I'm interested in personally... I guess I'm just the greatest teacher ever. ;)


Or, uh, maybe I'm so desperate for any kind of sign of approval I'll turn anything into a good omen. :|


"In a world that keeps on pushing me down

I'm gonna stand my ground" - Tom Petty


Actually, speaking of standing my ground, I've decided that I'm way too inflexible. Why do I go off on these huge rants all the time? Why have I been so self-righteous of late? I think I'm going about being tolerant in the wrong way, maybe... by repressing urges to be combative, I increase the desire to be so. Is there another way to manage my combativeness than merely denying it, I wonder?

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