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corrugated plastic
2001-06-07 - 1:25 p.m.

I feel much better, thankyou. The anonymous signer hasn't said anything - even a refusal to reveal your identity would be nice. :)


Oh right, I feel better. In part thanks to all the kind people who signed my guestbook in response to that last entry - while you all had different things to say, it all helped.


But the main thing that really helped was that last night, after I'd written the entry and gone out to see a friend and come home and gone to bed, I decided to start reading this book that I've had lying around for weeks, and as soon as I started reading it I realised where I'd been wrong. So, I want to recommend it to everyone: it's called "On Religion" and it's by John D. Caputo. Highly, highly recommended.


If you want to find out why it made me feel better, you're just going to have to read it for yourself, aren't you?


"When you get to the bottom

You go back to the top" - The Beatles

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