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2003-07-03 - 4:04 p.m.

Ok, while I'm on a sexual theme, please respond to this quick survey by signing my notes or guestbook:

Beatrice Dalle is:

1) So hot that I'd change my sexual orientation if that were necessary just to be with her

2) Pretty hot

3) Alright I guess

4) A name I've never heard before.


If the answer is (4), go watch "Betty Blue" or "Six Days, Six Nights" and come back here again. I promise you won't regret watching either film.


Ok, and another vaguely sex related issue... I let my flatmates use my internet connection while I'm not here. He looks at porn and doesn't bother to clear the URL history, perhaps because he doesn't know how. I mean fine, whatever, I guess guys in relationships do that sometimes, and although I really like her and in a sense think she has a right to know, I haven't said anything because... well, I'd feel weird telling her. Possibly because I find her rather attractive and would feel that maybe I wasn't really just telling her because she has a right to know, but also because I was trying to steal her away... which I wouldn't do because, problematic though he may be, I think he's a better bet in the long run than I am. Ok. So anyway, I knew about the porn and didn't do anything about it. However... I've now stumbled across another rather disturbing fact. He is a paying member of a dating site. You know, like Match.com and Lavalife and those sorts of things. He's a paying member. That means he's not just browsing the thing, he's actually contacting people and whatnot... at this point, I have to ask, should I tell her? I mean, is this the kind of thing where if she finds out later that I knew and didn't tell she'd be furious? Should he really forfeit the right to privacy, just because he doesn't know where the "clear history" button is? Shouldn't I just stay out of their relationship?


Speaking of which, in about a week we're all moving out of here, and I'll probably rarely if ever see either of them again. They're moving into a new place and they won't have anyone else with them this time... I should just leave well enough alone, huh?


"They say looks don't count for much

Well there goes your proof" - Joe Jackson

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