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the eighties are back
2003-08-31 - 1:36 a.m.

I should have gone to bed 40 minutes ago. I need to be up early because I'm interviewing fides. But. I wanted to write something.


I started reading through my old guestbook entries and I was struck by how much... people seemed to really love that old diary. Like, I spoke a language that people could understand, they were really glad to find it, they enjoyed reading it. I don't know. See, more people read this now than did then, or at least, I think they do. But... I feel like I have been stuck in a rut for a while now and that is reflected in the diary. Either I'm off on some wild tangent or I'm just saying nothing... I think, I don't so much need to change the diary as I need to change my life. I need a change. I need to move on. I established a pattern when I left KB, however many years ago it was now. I established a pattern for living, and while it was probably what I needed at the time, it is no longer what I need now. So, it is time to move on.


I just have no idea how to actually do that.


"It don't matter how it all went wrong

That don't change the way I feel" - Leonard Cohen

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