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is this a sign?
2003-09-03 - 1:45 a.m.

My birthday's coming up, this coming sunday. I vaguely feel like I ought to have a party, even more vaguely feel like I want to, but also feel that I have way too much work to do and can't really be bothered to have a party. Is this a sign that I'm getting old? Never mind the other signs, you bastards. >:|


In other news, I purchased a Castle in Sweden. My arch-nemesis, Count Von Falknekio, has his eye on it, and I just couldn't let him besmirch the pure soil of my native land with his booted heel. Of course, he sent wave after wave of his mechanical apes to attack me at the auction, but I dismissed them with a dismissive swipe from my falchion. I think the castle needs something, though... something like... dungeons? Dungeons filled with my enemies, screaming as they are pitilessly tortured through the night? Yes, I think that might do the trick.


"There's a kind of a hush

All over the world tonight" - Herman's Hermits

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