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2003-09-11 - 2:20 p.m.

If you don't know what today is the 30-year anniversary of, I suggest taking a look here. I... I believe in tolerance, forgiveness, mercy for the powerful as well as the weak, dialogue with those one disagrees with, openness to the possibility that one is wrong when most fervently believes one is right. But I do not believe in ignorance; I do not believe in forgetting.


On a more cheerful note, look, my header image is back! Also, I can now put pics in this thing. Like so:

This is a picture taken from inside the shed that I live in. I wanted it to convey... well, something. It doesn't really, um, yeah. Um.


Also, here's me, altered in several of the myriad ways that GIMP allows:


Well, soon I'm going to be displaying banners, and bringing in huge numbers of visitors, so I should probably come up with some kind of "welcome" for them... or, I could not. Hm.


"There's water in the fuel" - Fred Eaglesmith

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