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2003-09-12 - 3:13 a.m.

I've been reading and thinking. Two things; one is, I think I know what sin is, or evil is. Well, not "know" exactly, but I have a theory. My theory of evil is this: evil is what happens when a person becomes so angry that they lose all pity for the person who has made them angry. I like this theory becuase it means we are all sometimes evil, or have been evil in the past; it means that when we are evil we live in hell; and that we are saved from evil by grace. So it fits all of my theological preconceptions.


The other thing is, I've done nothing today, and so I've thought a little about why that is. And I think maybe it's because... my preference is to have my experience alternate between activity and inactivity. When activity follows hard on the heels of activity, I feel as though I am bulging from having too much material stuffed into me too fast. I want to let my experiences settle onto the mulch-pile of my past, to spend some time sitting loosely at the top of the heap before being crushed into the main mass. That's all.


"You're spookin' the horses

They're wild and they're scared" - Fred Eaglesmith

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