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freaking out, am I?
2003-10-15 - 4:25 p.m.

Ok, I've received a few responses to my last entry all saying pretty much the same thing, so, uh, I'm going to reply to you all en masse, using an example that hopefully will ring true, so you'll, uh, understand where I'm coming from. Um.


Ok, so imagine you're a girl. Shouldn't be too difficult for most of you. (Has anyone else noticed the fact that most people on dland are chicks? Do men just not have feelings they want to express or something?) Ok, so you're a girl, and a guy you know through uni shows an interest in you. Now, you're single, he seems nice enough, and when he asks you out on a date, you say yes. I mean, why not, where's the harm, right? You don't know much about him, but you do know enough to know that he's not going to be a dangerous psycho.


Ok, so you go out on the date, and it's kind of a "meh" date. He doesn't say anything hideously unspeakable, but there are a few things about him that don't really gel for you. The conversation doesn't really flow the way it should with someone you'd want to spend a lot of time with. All in all, when it's over you've decided you're probably not interested in another date. You feel a little embarrassed by the box of chocolates he gives you when the date is over, but of course you're too polite to refuse them.


Ok, now you get an email asking you if you'd like to repeat the experience. And your immediate answer is, "no thanks!" But, he was nice, it's not like you hate him, and so you try to think of a polite way to refuse. But you can't. So you decide to put off answering until you can think of a nice way to say no.


Now, would you want him to be calling you up on your mobile, or not? Be honest.


"Thirty years of farming

Thirty years of hard work

Thirty years of the day-to-day

My daddy stopped a-talkin'

The day the farm was auctioned

There was nothing left to say" - Fred Eaglesmith

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