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Survey thingie
2003-10-25 - 12:32 p.m.

Ok, here's a survey that I've stolen from liadlaith, so, uh, yeah. Here we go.


1. You’re born. You’re given a name. If you had the option to go back in time and change your name to whatever you wanted, what would you name yourself?

Diomedes. Actually, I'd probably stick with the name I've already got. But I like "Diomedes". I really like all the greek names, actually - they have a special resonance or something.

2. If you had the means to start a business, ANY business, what type of business would you establish? What would you name it?

Uh, a brothel? Um, actually, that would probably not work well. So, um, something where I could make a lot of money without having to work very hard. Or at all. Maybe something like insuarance, for example. And I'd call my insuarance company "CrAzY cLiNt'S CrAzY rIsKs Pty Ltd".

3. What’s your view on online journaling?

Uh, basically keeping my own journal is a necessity for maintaining what's left of my sanity. Reading other people's is... a mixture of the transcendant and the banal. Sometimes it's just a nice, relaxing, interesting way to fill in time, like reading column eight in the paper. And sometimes it's extraordinary... a blinding flash of inspiration, or a peek deep into the dark places of someone's psyche... I love it, love the variousness of it.

4. What is the one thing you’ve never heard said to you that you wish would be said?

"I loved your book".

5. What is your greatest accomplishment in life?

Learning a small measure of humility and compassion for other human beings.

6. What is your greatest defeat?

I still haven't kicked my addiction to idleness.

7. Who was your favorite Monkee?

Um, the English one. I don't remember if that was Peter Tork, or Davey Jones, or one of the others...

8. If you could have grown up with any family, other than the one you did, which family would you have been raised with? (And if anyone says Michael Jackson’s, I’ll kick your ass personally.)

This is a hard thing for me to say, but probably I would prefer to stick with my own family. Having to choose another family, though, I would probably pick my supervisor and his wife to have been my parents. Yes, I know, scary.

9. Tell a complete story in five sentences.

Once upon a time, a character was introduced. Shortly after that, a source of dramatic conflict arrived. The character struggled to overcome the problems presented by the conflict, with the help of a subsidiary character, but failed at first. Then something surprising occurred, which allowed the character to overcome the conflict in an unexpected way. Then, in the epilogue, he took up morris dancing for no reason.

10. If you could spend one single day in the company of your exact clone, what would you do with and/or say to yourself?

I'd ask him to write my thesis for me.

11. What is one of your “some day” goals? (I.e. some day I will…)

Someday, I'll write a book.

Someday, I'll record an album.

Someday, I'll produce a computer game that will be heralded as the first work with genuine artistic merit in the genre.

Someday, I'll live a quiet and modestly successful life with a small family, and be content with that much.

12. Why are you filling out this survey?

Uh, because when I was reading Lia's answers it inspired me.

13. List the first three words that come to your mind.

Banana, Word, Entropy

14. State one fact that hardly anyone knows about you.

Um. This is hard. Hardly anyone knows that I developed wisdom teeth very early, and believe that this means I also developed wisdom very early.

15. State one fact that everyone in the world knows about you.

I'm tall.

16. What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to say to a certain person, but haven’t? Who is that person?

I've always wanted to tell my mother that I'm angry about stuff, but I forgive her. Well, not always, but in the last few years.

17. What one online journaller do you look up to and admire the most? Why?

This is impossibly difficult. I admire a lot of online journallers. Maybe cuillin, because she's been through so much ugliness and still retains a sensitive, poetic sense of beauty. But it could easily have been any one of six or seven other people.

18. Can you honestly, beyond a doubt, state that you journal online without any censorship or concern as to who is reading the details of your mind?

No. But there's a lot less censorship here than there is anywhere else in my life.

19. What is one sexual position/experience/situation that you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t? Why haven’t you?

Threesome, with two women. Never had the opportunity. :( Actually, I did have an opportunity, once, and turned it down for a stupid reason, and I kick myself every time I remember it.

20. How do you feel about people who write about their sex lives in intricate detail in their journals?

I'm grateful to them, because it makes me feel less ashamed about my own sexual thoughts. It reminds me that sex is a normal part of the human experience, and thinking about it, writing about it, and of course doing it aren't bad things.

21. What is your favourite animal to visit at the zoo?

I love the litle turtles with long necks. But really, I love everything at the zoo.

22. What is one scenario that you’ve never been in, but would love to construct?

I'm explaining something to a student, and their eyes light up as they "get" it.

23. What pet have you never had, but always wanted?

A tapir.

24. What is the one area on your body that you ache to have touched, but it seldom gets any attention?

All of it. :( Probably the neck/shoulders/back thing, though. I love a good massage. I love a bad massage, any massage. And I'm a great masseuse, always happy to give one in exchange... but it's a difficult thing to raise in casual conversation...

25. What is one of your worst memories from childhood?

Being hit. I've discussed this a lot before, so I won't go into it here.

Teen years?

Same again.

Adult years?

Submitting a paper for a conference, and getting back comments that were basically just a personal attack on me. It really hurt.

26. What is the most vivid memory from childhood?

Hard to pick. Maybe... I have a memory of being in a hot bath in Japan that sticks with me for some reason.

From Teen years

Again, hard to pick. Maybe seeing CN for the first time.

From Adulthood

Uh... the second time I took ecstasy, maybe. Not sure.

27. What is your idea of heaven? Hell?

Hell is other people. So is heaven. It's just a question of relationships. :)

28. If you were asked to be on any of the “dating” shows, such as Blind Date, Change of Heart, Star Dates, etc. would you do it? Write the script for your introductory profile.

I've never seen any of those shows, no idea how they work. :(

29. If you could be on any reality television show, such as Survivor, The Bachelor, The Real World, Big Brother, etc., which one would you chose and why?

Big Brother... I think I'd enjoy the chance to get to know a diverse group of people really well.

30. If you could add any question on to this survey, what would it be?

Who's your favourite philosopher?

31. (Via Jenn) Name the dream trip you'd like to take and why?

Basically, I'd like to take about 5 years to backpack around southeast Asia, China, Japan, Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Mexico, Central America, Canada, USA, South Africa, West Africa, North Africa... &c... Maybe more like 8 years.

32. (via Angel) What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

Being almost-caught-in-the-act of masturbating in the living room.

33. (via Stumblebee) How would you like to be remembered?

Ah. Um. Affectionately, I guess.

34. (via Liadlaith) What’s your happiest memory from childhood, teen years, adulthood?

This is hard. Childhood, probably my birthday parties, although it's hard to pick one.

Teen years, maybe... ooh, so hard to pick. Maybe when SB agreed to go out with me. Maybe.

Adult years... hard to pick again. But it could well have been the day I handed in my goddamn honours thesis.


"It was in another lifetime

One of toil and blood" - Bob Dylan

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