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no accounting for taste
2003-11-07 - 7:15 p.m.

Ok, I've just run some new banners, and I want to know why people like the things they like. Look at this banner:


Now, I don't mind saying that I thought that was pretty clever. But it got a clickthrough rate of less than 2 percent. Now look at this one:


It's stupid. I mean, the joke is pretty bloody lame, but you know, I thought I'd try it on. It got a clickthrough rate of over 4 percent - the highest I've ever gotten for a banner. So, I've decided, what I like it no indication of what people in general will like.


Actually, I already knew that. So I haven't learned anything. Or maybe what I've learned is, this way a trivial episode of no real importance, and I shouldn't worry about it. Yeah. Great lesson, that one. The "faggeddabowdit" lesson.


"I believe I'm fixin' to die

Fixin' to die" - Bob Dylan

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