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messing about in boats
2003-11-16 - 11:23 p.m.

It's over.


Well, there's a bit of going back, verifying, panicking and comparing to do, but basically, it's over. I finished last night so that I could have the day off. And I spent today messing about in boats. It was glorious. Sun was shining, people were laughing, we swam, we rowed, we argued over the best way to row, we rescued runaway rowboats, we picnicked... it really couldn't have been any better. My arms and shoulders ache, but it's a nice ache. Ahh.


Hmm, in other news. After such a beautiful day I don't really feel like serious thoughts, so maybe don't take this too seriously. But it's a thought. You know that saying, "when you're holding a hammer, suddenly everything looks like a nail"? Yeah. Well, I was thinking last night, after reading a bit of bedtime Hillman, you know, this is the problem that intellectuals have. We walk around with these great big brains, and we think every problem is another intellectual problem. We think if only we're smart enough, we can work out some answer to the world's problems, that we can figure it out like the problems they set us in school. Every problem looks like a nail. The thing is, maybe what we need to do is put down the hammer for a minute, and look at the world with empty hands. Hmm.


Oh, and the other thing I had to say was something about depression, but that can wait for tomorrow. I don't want to spoil my good mood. :)


"My eyes open wide like they haven't in years

So I won't miss whatever happens next" - Dan Bern

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