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angels brought me hits
2003-11-27 - 1:45 p.m.

Ever since I wrote that last entry, I have been bombarded with google hits for the lyrics. I hope I haven't upset any Guy Sebastian fans. It's not him I've got a problem with, he didn't write the song! I think he's great!


Well, actually, I think he sings very well, but, I don't really like his taste in music. What's a grown man doing listening to Craig David? But that's neither here nor there...


And the same goes for this entry. Just had an interesting chat to my sister about Jerry Springer and Thomas Moore's "Care of the Soul". And polytheism. I think this diary is quite polytheistic, in that I'm not faithful to any particular vision of myself in it. I just write the thoughts that are with me now, today... I'm not trying to be any particular sort of person. This is something that more people should try. I think far too many people have been sold on a monotheistic vision of the self without ever considering the alternatives... I like books. Imagine living without them!


"It ain't me

It ain't me

I ain't no senator's son" - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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