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sometimes I hate democracy
2003-12-05 - 10:22 p.m.

The Australian government has made the inspired decision that Australia needs a missile defence system. The Labor opposition, under new new leader Mark Latham, has decided to leave open the possibility of supporting this decision.


Sometimes I despair of this country. I really do. A missile defence system. Alexander Downer on Lateline last night was talking about North Korea. NORTH BLOODY KOREA??? AS IF THEY'D BOTHER FIRING MISSILES AT AUSTRALIA!!!!! AS IF THEY'D FUCKING CARE!!!! Jesus Christ!


Right. That's enough self-righteous ranting for one day.


Ooh, and jinksy added something interesting to the discussion on commitment. She said, commitment is something that men offer when they get too tired and lazy to chase skirt. This raises two question for me:

1) Is it the same for women? If not, why not?

2) Does this mean that when a man offers to commit, it's actually a kind of insult? "I'm too lazy to run after what I really want, but you'll do".


It's horrible to think of relationships in these terms. Horrible. But I have commitment issues, and so, I want to think about them. I want to... not necessarily work out "the answer", because I doubt there is one, but I want to get a sense of what the territory is, if you see what I mean.


"Marilyn Monroe should've married Henry Miller" - Dan Bern

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