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dum dum dum doo wa waa
2004-01-01 - 9:34 p.m.

I feel low. Hard to explain why today was a bad day, it just was. Everyone has them, right? Good days and bad days... when writing is your work, it makes different demands on you than other sorts of work, but, no mistake, there are demands.
I think I have a tendency to be very unforgiving of my own failings. You know what? I'm alright. I really am. I've got my problems, but all things considered, I'm not bad.
Still, I don't think anything I can say or write or tell myself will stop me from feeling low today. It's just a bad day, just a part of life. I can live with it.
"Dum dum dum doo wa waa
Oh oh oh ooohoh yeah" - Roy Orbison

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