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eucalyptus leaf
2004-02-02 - 12:16 a.m.

There's a Eucalyptus tree in our back garden, a huge one, it towers over the tiny square... it's the kind that sheds not only its leaves but also its bark and occaisionally branches, too. As a result it has beautiful, smooth white bark. Anyway, those bloody leaves get everywhere. There's one on the floor of the outside dunny, and I always look at it whenever I'm sitting out there, late at night... this particular leaf looks like a brushstroke. It has this weird sideways curvature that doesn't seem to make any sense in terms of the... physics of trying to accumulate sunlight. It looks like an over-enthusiastic artist was painting a leaf and decided to experiment with a big curve, with a flick of his wrist... I like that leaf. It's a reminder that not everything makes sense. There's still a bit of magic in the world, even on the old concrete floor of an outside toilet in the inner city...


"I was raised here in Westchester County" - Loudon Wainwright III

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