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I'm thinking about what might have been
2004-02-08 - 11:58 p.m.

There's something that Socrates said about pleasure... he said, if pleasure consists in the satisfaction of some desire, then pleasure can only be experienced as the result of pain. Which is to say, the desire is a kind of pain, and then when you satisfy that desire the pain is alleviated, and the alleviation of the pain is experienced as pleasure. And when I first read it I thought, that's not right, desire is not pain. But right now, I know just what he means. Weak desire is like mild discomfort, and so it doesn't resonate with that word pain. But strong desire... it really is painful. It hurts. This hurts. :(


"Breaking off is misery

I see a wilderness for you and me

Punctuated by philosophy

And a wondering how things could’ve been" - Belle and Sebastian

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