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2004-02-16 - 10:40 a.m.



Uh. This is very exciting for me. And I'd tell you all "YOU MUST GO AND SEE HIM HE IS THE GREATEST EVER YOU MUST!!!!!" but, uh, you might not share my taste in music. So, anyway, imho this is your opportunity to see one of the world's greatest living musicians for A$67.50, and you'd be mad to miss it, but, um, I guess if you're into... bad music then you might not like him. So, uh, there you go.


"God never listened to Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker lived in vain

Blasphemer, womaniser,

Let a needle numb his brain

Wash away his monkey music

Damn his demons, Damn his pain

And whatís the point of Albert Einstein

What do we need Physics for?

Heresyís his inspiration

Corrupt and rotten to the core

Curse his devious mathematics

Curse his deadly atom war

Thereís a message on the wind

Calling me to glory somewhere

There are signs too deep for the dumb

Like perfume in the air

And when I get to Heaven

I wonít realise Iím there

Shakespeare, Isaac Newton

Small ideas for little boys

Adding to the senseless chatter

Adding to the background noise

Hard to hear my oratory

Hard to hear my inner voice

Van gogh, Botticelli

Scraping paint onto a board

Colour is the fuel of madness

Thatís no way to praise the Lord

Greyís the colour of the pious

Knelt upon the misericord" - Richard Thompson

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