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breadwinner begs off the bathroom floor
2004-02-21 - 11:22 a.m.

Uh, I just want to say about that last entry that... um. It's weird, one of my favourite jokes is to get all uppity about something innocuous and pretend to be angry... people who chat to me on MSN have probably seen me do this all the time. But... I don't know, I wonder if the fact that I express "mock rage" so often isn't an expression of the repressed genuine rage which I never express? In which case, it might be that... there's an actual sting in the joke that takes the humour out of it? I mean, the thing that I was getting "indignant" about wasn't entirely innocuous, which makes me think that... I don't know. Communication is really difficult... did I tell you about the time I precipitated a fight between my flatmates, let's call them K and D?


K had made some vegetable soup for dinner, and asked me if I'd like to have some. Sure I said, sounds great. D announced loudly that he didn't like vegetable soup, he refused to ever eat vegetable soup under any circumstances. Fair enough, I thought. But K kind of nags him a little bit about the fact that it's really healthy, why not just try a little bit, it's really quite tasty, &c. I mean, when I say "nags" she was just expressing her opinion... but obviously it was a touchy subject for him, because he launched into a bit of a rant about how he hates vegetable soup and he's always hated it and his mother tried to make him eat it when he was young and it just makes him want to be sick... on and on he goes, for an uncomfortably long period of time, while I sit there eating my soup. Then, after the long rant has come to an end, there's a long, awkward silence. K doesn't have anything to say, D's run out of steam... and I decide to break the tension by making a joke. So, in what I thought was a tone that would naturally indicate good-natured teasing, I said:

"But, D, are you sure you wouldn't like some of this soup? It's really tasty!"

But he doesn't get that it's a joke. Instead he launches into another rant about how much he hates vegetable soup, at which point I'm worried that this is going to go on forever, so I interrupt and say, "Ah, I was joking. I get the message, I was just..." but he interrupts me to say rather loudly, "Well I wish K would get the message!" At which point she screams "You fucking asshole!" and runs out of the room.


Things settled down after a while, but anyway, the point of that long story is that I think caraxus is a top bloke and I especially appreciate his willingness to express forthright opinions on controversial topics, which shows real courage and I think would benefit our society greatly if more people were willing to do it.


Right, onto something of real significance: anyone else seeing Bowie tonight? Me too! Yay!


"Her breadwinner begs off the bathroom floor

We live for just these twenty years

Do we have to die for fifty more?" - David Bowie

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