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hypothetical ethical thingo
2004-03-20 - 2:34 a.m.

Ok, Ethical Dilemma #341022:

You are in a loving, stable, happy relationship with a wonderful partner. Married and settled down, you decide it's time to have a child with this wonderful person. But! The Ghost of Ecological Disasters Future visits you, and says, If You Have Children, it will cause the extinction of one species of animal.

Would you still have a child?


Would it make a difference if the animal you were going to extinguish from the planet forever was:

a) A rather unattractive insect

b) Some kind of small fish

c) A large, beautiful, mysterious marine animal, like a Manta Ray

d) Dolphins

e) Cute mammal - koalas, for example

f) Ponies

g) Dogs

h) Rats

i) &c...


Uh, haven't been writing here, I've been hard at work on the thesis. Um.


"Don't dream it's over" - Crowded House

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