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you're all pathetic
2004-03-22 - 1:47 a.m.

Let me get this straight. Nobody, absolutely nobody is willing to put their own happiness before the continued existence of, say, for example, cockroaches? Let's take out the element of children because it seems some people want to dodge the question by not wanting kids in the first place. So, you gutless wimps, you monstrously over-ethicised deformations of the human form, let me try another one on you:

Given the choice of a life made of sisyphean futility, misery and frustration, versus a life of blissful, restful ease, contentment and joy, punctuated by the occasional access of overwhelming passion and excitement, would you take the latter on the condition of the irreperable destruction of this thing:


Alternatively, if you're not going to snuff a living thing under any circumstances, what would you say to the destruction of some ancient artefact from an extinct civilization? To make it interesting, let's make it a knife used in human sacrifices by the Aztecs. Now, surely, you're going to be selfish, right?


"Don't let your heart

Get broken by this world

At the bottom of the ocean

You might find a pearl" - Dan Bern

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