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easy screaming
2004-04-26 - 12:02 a.m.

There's a way that monkeys scream when they're angry. A kind of "get the fuck away from me, I'm a big scary ape with visible teeth and I make a big noise" type sound. I really want to be able to scream like that, but unfortunately it's physiologically impossible. I strongly suspect, anyway. Also, where would I practise?


The other thing... oh, it's easy to write. When you are writing something that you're interested in and you want to get it out... there's nothing easier. And when you couldn't care less nothing is more difficult. Well, not "nothing", but you know what I mean. But there's basically something... weird about writing, about being paid to write. Because if you do it well then it's hardly work at all and hardly merits being paid. But if you're working hard enough to merit pay then you're probably writing very little and very badly. This is... I guess it's a sign that under industrial capitalism we typically take "work" to mean "alienated work" and so anything which doesn't resemble alienated work just looks like... fun. Or something.


My brain is in wild disorder. Maybe some food will calm me down.


"Near-misses on the dogleap stairways" - Dire Straits

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