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old nag
2004-05-08 - 3:04 p.m.

I hate helping people. Bloody ingrates. Where's my gratitude? Why do I have to do all this bloody nagging? Bloody bloody bloody.


In terms of my academic alignment, I am probably more on the side of postmodernism than modernism or the various types of antipostmodern movements. But, sometimes, I have a very strong urge to grab a postmodernist by the throat and shake them hard and scream, "DO SOMETHING THAT HAS SOME PRACTICAL APPLICATION!! IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE ANYTHING SO PRACTICAL AS WELDING OR BRICKLAYING OR COOKING, BUT IF IT HAS SOME SORT OF CONCEIVABLE TO CONNECTION TO THE ACTUAL LIVES OF PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE ACADEMY THAT WOULD BE REALLY NICE!!!!"


I mean, look, I'm not one to talk. I am not a terribly practical person. But... ok, if you're talking about theory, it should be a theory of something. Even if it's a metatheory, a theory about a theory which is about something, I'm cool with that. You can have as many layers of distanciation as you like, but you ought to be able to show what the points of connection are between the ideas that you are talking about and some kind of observable phenomenon in the real world. If you're talking in abstractions that aren't actually abstractions from something, well, who bloody cares?




"What's the point of Albert Einstein?

What do we need physics for?

Curse his devious mathematics

Curse his deadly atom war" - Richard Thompson

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