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thankee, thankee
2004-05-15 - 11:41 a.m.

Just wanted to start by thanking you and you and you and you and you for leaving such nice messages. Thanks guys. :)


Um... there was something else... oh, political ranting. I try not to do this these days, as much as I can, but this is irresistable. So, my question to you, dear audience, is, what is dictating the difference between the official response to this and to this? Pictures. In one case, there are photographs of abuse - and those photographs are publicly available. While there were written reports of torture at Abu Ghraib, it was a non-story. Yeah yeah, evil American conspiracy, we've heard it all before, so what? Reports on this have been available for over a year and nothing has been done. But when shocking photographs become public, suddenly it's a crisis, suddenly something has to be done, the people (at the very bottom of the chain of command, of course) who are responsible are going to be punished... But this story, about human rights abuses here, on Australian soil, committed against children, is a non-story. The government just says the same banal nothing-words that it's been saying over and over again for years, because they don't have to respond because there are no pictures. Journalists aren't allowed inside the concentration camps at Woomera or on Nauru, so there are no photographs so we don't have to take it seriously. No response, no sackings, no inquiries, no promises of an open and transparent investigation, nothing. I'm angry.


"There's nothing at the end of the rainbow" - Richard Thompson

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