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done sulking
2004-08-18 - 1:48 a.m.

Ok, over it now. For a bit. Told my sister how I felt, she spoke to mum, things are better. I shouldn't blame my parents for the limitations that I now suddenly have on what I can do; the fault is in my mutant genes, not them. I guess I just want to deal with this in my own way and they want to deal with it in theirs, and it's hard for me to insist on my right to run things as I see fit because they're the experts, they know what's best for me and... yeah. Anyway.


Apparently the normal way to prescribe Atacand (the blood pressure drug I'm on) is to start on a dose of 2mg/day and work in stages up to 8/mg a day, to a maximum of 16mg/day. I was just put on a dose of 16mg/day right off the bat. This might explain why I've been feeling like crap. I hate taking them at all... I feel like I would've liked a chance to see what just salt restrictions and various dietary changes would have done on their own... rather than spending 20 mins seeing a specialist and then being whacked on a high dose of some hardcore drug. Hmph.


My feelings are important. I wish I could just act like I believed that.


"I've got no expectations

To pass through here again" - The Rolling Stones

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