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how can I say?
2004-08-26 - 2:46 p.m.

Well, I am at a loss for words. I guess the way to begin is with a huge, big, enormous and definitely an evil and monstrous THANKYOU to the gloriously and indescribably perfect and wonderful sif for the gift I received in the mail today. It's too much... not that I'm sending anything back. But you can't imagine how much it has lifted my spirits. So thankyou. And thankyou again. And thankyou. Um.


There's a little reciprocal package on its way to you, but it seems very small now... so, here's a little poem in your honour to make, uh, to make things seem a little less unbalanced.


Tired in the woods I lay down

And let my head rest on soft moss

And heard the birdcalls echo round

And into sleep I crossed

In a forest I dreamed of trees

I dreamt a dream of tiny brooks

I dreamed with the forest's breeze

Lost to the world in a forest nook


"She knows that I've never been too good with words" - Kristina Olsen

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