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2004-08-30 - 11:31 p.m.

In nine hours I'm getting on a plane to Seoul. This is quite freaky. Saying goodbye to friends and family didn't really seem real. Now I'm tidying the shed, removing most of the visible signs that this is my space, that someone like me lives here. Soon all those signs will be gone and I will go away too. Instead of being here, I'll be in another place. Where I've never been before.


No, I keep saying it, but it still doesn't seem real. I guess it'll have to wait until I arrive there. Also, I don't know the number-words in Korean and the lonely planet phrasebook seems to have omitted them entirely. Well. I guess I'd better keep tidying or it won't get done.


"Slipping away, what can I say

Won't you stay inside me month of may?" - James Taylor

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