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2004-09-02 - 10:23 a.m.

Well, I'm over the culture shock for the most part, now. Some observations:

1. It's very difficult to be a strict vegetarian here. I've decided I'll allow myself to bend the rules, at least until my language skills improve.

2. Low-salt diet ditto the above.

3. People smoke a lot here, including indoors.

4. Pronouncing Korean in a way that the Koreans will understand isn't easy; I don't think you can learn it from a book.

5. Their English sounds like they've learned it from a book or something.

6. Internet Cafes are very cheap here. This is good.

7. Um... Hmmm. Hmmmmmm. I've met some westerners here who really hate Korea. They seem to take the attitude that anything which is different here from home is automatically worse... I guess everyone is entitled to an opinion but I wish they weren't so forceful about trying to impose their opinion on me. So far I really like Korea - love the food, the people, the chaos of the city, the weird little shops... and maybe in time I will find things I don't like, too... but I want to be allowed to sour in my own time. :D

8. Still, I've been very lucky with meeting lots of really nice westerners, too.


I think that's it for the moment.


"I have my freedom

But I don't have much time" - The Rolling Stones

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