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ooh, ooh, ooh, guess what!
2004-09-02 - 8:07 p.m.

Ok, can you guess? Well, can you????


YES, I managed to order a meal! And pay for it!


Well, my first attempt wasn't such a big success. Well, it sort of was. I managed to say "Good evening?" and "Do you sell bibimbap?" with sufficient confidence that the man assumed I was fluent in Korean and launched into a long stream of it that I couldn't understand a word of. (Bibimbap, incidentally, is rice with kimchi and mixed vegetables.) And, I've learned enough hangul (the Korean script) to be able to understand tiny fragments of the menus! So, anyway, at the first place, I apologised and explained that I didn't understand, and retreated in some embarrassment... my head bloodied but unbowed, I wandered the streets looking for the hangul characters that I knew were my passport to a dish that was probably vegetarian... and then I saw them! I went in, said "hallo", sat down, ordered my meal... I managed to eat it with Korean chopsticks too, which are narrow and made of metal. They were obviously having a bit of a laugh at my expense, but I didn't mind, any they were very nice and accomodating... I did forget to use both hands when giving and receiving money once or twice, but then I remembered again... I'll get there.


And navigating! I did it without a map for the first time! I love walking down those same twisty little backstreets full of bizarre shops (and bizarre smells) that had me so culture shocked the first time I was here and knowing where I am and how to get back to the hostel... I feel like I've experienced what I came here for, anyway. A little bit of mystery, a little bit of adventure. Still no word about work, though. Maybe it'll come, maybe it won't.


"Water of love

Deep in the ground" - Dire Straits

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