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all you need is love
2004-09-13 - 1:45 p.m.

I'm staying in a love hotel. In some ways, this rocks. In other ways, it's kind of embarrassing. The ways in which it rocks: for 30,000 won, I get a room with a double bed, big tv (with cable), water filter, ensuite bathroom, free toothpaste/cologne/shampoo/soap/coffee/soft drinks/etc, air conditioning... in other words, I am living in total luxury. The ways in which it's embarrassing: the building itself looks like a disneyland castle. I should really start uploading some of my photos so I can show you what I've been doing. But, yeah, it's a disneyland castle and the entryway has subdued pink lighting, the check-in desk has a weird low window designed to preserve the anonymity of visitors, the lift has mirrors in it, the room is soundproofed, there's a drawer full of condoms by the bed, &c &c. I think the reason it's so cheap is that you pay the same to stay the night as you do to stay for an hour, and most visitors only stay for the hour. So, I feel a bit... funny about walking into and out of this place. But, man, after over a week of living in dingy dormitories and waiting for the shower to be vacant and all that kind of stuff, it's so nice to have all this luxury to myself! Also, it is kind of cool that it looks like a castle.


"All you need is love" - The Beatles

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