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2004-09-16 - 5:06 p.m.

Guinsa = amazing. However, walking onto the temple grounds of some cult is a bit scary when you see someone screaming as they're dragged away by a pair of "monks" in grey robes. Yes, a bit worrying that. Still, it counts as an adventure, right? :)


I got offerred a job by email today. I need to look into it more closely but it's nice to know that someone wants me, at least. :)


If you live in Sydney then at some time you've doubtless been into or at least walked past an asian grocery store. For some reason I can't quite pin down, here in asia it seems like all the grocery stores are asian grocery stores. This makes even buying a soft drink or a packet of biscuits quite a challenge... but I enjoy it. :)


I keep forgetting about my kidneys and then suddenly remembering again. I guess it's a process or something.


"We need to repair

What was never there" - Tim Finn and Richard Thompson

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