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thanks and um, yeah...
2004-09-20 - 5:51 p.m.

Well, I'm feeling marginally better... not looking forward to getting up early tomorrow or flying. But, eating garlic and sleeping a lot seems to have made a big difference, anyway. I would have experimented with more of your suggestions but materials were lacking. Nonetheless, my thanks. :)


Flight OZ521 leaves Incheon (Seoul) at 1.20pm tomorrow and with any luck I'll be on it, arriving in London god knows where or when. Uh. For those of you who live in London, I reccommend against attempting to meet my flight, firstly because I don't actually know for sure that I'll be on it and secondly because, yeah, I don't know when it arrives.


I feel kind of bad about spending virtually all of my last day in Seoul asleep. But, meh, what else could I do?


"I'll do all that I can" - Shirley Bassey

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