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here it is
2004-09-22 - 9:48 a.m.

Here it is, here I am, I am here.


England is scarier than I remember it being. Also, I am scared of stuff. And nostalgic! And scared.


Also, when I arrived the man at customs grilled me fiercely about how I planned to manage the expensiveness of England on my limited finances, and I explained, more or less, and he believed me, and he told me I mustn't do any kind of work. Then, when I booked into the hostel in Earl's Court, it was full of Australians, who in a very short space of time started explaining to me what kind of work I should get and how I could get it and so on. This somehow makes me feel guilty about the fact that I'm actually not planning to work while I'm here. Back in the good old days, there used to be people who were born into wealthy families and were therefore "Gentlemen", and all they were expected to do with their lives was enjoy themselves, carry on the family line and not disgrace their family's honour. I want to be one of those.


"Back, baby, back in time" - Gillian Welch

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