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dumdli dee
2004-09-29 - 1:19 p.m.

Well, here I am, updating. Um. Writing an update. Yeah. Wif my writin' skillz, yo.
Ever since I left Australia I've updated this diary pretty much every day. Didn't want to break the pattern. But, uh, I can't think of anything much to say.
Oh, wait, here's something. "England" is sort of coming back to me. As in, uh, something about the smell of the air, the feel of the cold, the green of the forests and lawns... I'm slowly getting back into the feeling of what it was like when I lived here and loved it. I'm still not really nostalgic or anything like that. But... I no longer feel scared and weird and alien to it all. Which, I guess, is progress.
"Shine on, you crazy diamond" - Pink Floyd

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