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the forge
2004-10-04 - 2:31 p.m.

Adventures in London part something:
Yesterday I went to some markets with hijinks and we bought some bread and cheese and fruit and whatnot... I bought a book by Collette, who I've heard of many times but never read anything from. By. Something. Uh.
Yeah, and then we wandered around for a bit and then she called a friend of hers and he gave her directions and we went to this really cool pub. In fact, I think it was one of the nicest pubs I've ever been to. Apparently the guy who runs it was in KLF, which I've never heard of. But apparently they recorded a no.1 song with Tammy Wynette and also burned a million pounds.
I think I might be about to be kicked off the computer. I'm not sure. There's a lot more to this story. It involves a Worm Lady, a bank vault, a confusing haircut, the history of the rise and fall of empires, an introduction to a gentleman, a lengthy discussion of football, organic beer, strange music and stranger musicians, lemonade, and a bizarre coincidence. Since I'm not sure I'll have time to tell this story, perhaps the best thing is to make your own from those elements. Chances are it'll be better than the real thing. ;)
"Even better than the real thing" - U2

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