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2004-10-15 - 10:55 p.m.

When I was 10 or so, I decided to be a boardgame designer when I grew up. I'm not sure why I gave up on that plan; that was a pretty good plan.
I mean, yeah, wildly impractical, but so, it turns out, was anything else that I actually wanted to do. Stuff that is practical is what you end up doing because people keep telling you that what you want to do is ridiculous. Seriously. Who here is excited by the possibilities of a sober and sensible life? I mean, I'm grateful for all the gifts, and so on, all the things I've been given that I didn't earn and could never pay for if I tried, but... I don't know. Let's imagine all these gifts are coming from a deity, some hypothetical deity who we know virtually nothing about. Can't we infer something about the personality of this deity from the wild, extravagant, even exuberant nature of the gifts they give? And the way that... well, in the natural world, which we can again use as a sort of personality chart, isn't one of the awesome things about it how stuff that looks totally bizarre and impractical turns out to be the survival feature of the thing you're awed by? You know, giraffe necks, elephant trunks, those cathedral trees in Hawaii, that kind of stuff...
I'm getting dangerously close to Hallmark territory here, I know, but I'm trying to justify something to myself, so leave me to it.
"Corrina, Corrina
Girl you're on my mind" - trad, sung by Bob Dylan

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